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Affiliates & JVs are:
Productive Contacts...
Invest in things that get the most out of your working relatioship.

JVs and Affiliates:

Anyone really interested in this topic is either advertising this topic or reaching out to those of us who care enough to talk about Joint ventures (JVs), Affiliates and strategic partnerships. The benefits are proven particularly in the years I spent working in the high-ticket transportation business and I prefer outsourcing areas I am not efficient in.

  • Achieve uncommon results.

  • Avoid dum taxes (stranger tax).

  • The common problems that emerge.

  • Sustainable solution for the enlightened.

Books like "How to win friends and influence people" are self-help resources we can put into context in our personal development (PD) study group meetings.

People, Promotion, Processing, Pricing and even value packing are prominent considerations in this game of strategic partnerships.

strategies to bring new sales by Gabriel topman

This topic falls under promotions in the marketing mix, and the investment here is in yourself as a business owner.

  • We pay you, yes, buy from you.
  • You discretely dominate your industry.
  • You are connected and valued by allies.
  • Your relationships are productive.
  • Your cash flow is likely better off.

The better you understand the ways of strategic investors/marketers like Gabriel Topman, the sooner you and your own business can benefit from our activities.

If you are a good manager and you can be trusted with other people's investments then investors like Gabriel Topman will love and appreciate you.

The video below is a short introduction to what we have been talking about. We will dig deeper into the topic at growth hacking clubs.

Next levels and forward.

Strategic alliances and Trade associates can grow by studying and sharing how we deal with situations.

Let me serve as your strategy supporter (in the UK) or anywhere in the world. Strategic alliances that work require understanding, trust and authenticity. You will find that what we can accept or let go of plays a significant part in that game. Because we all discover different things in our journey in life, quality circles help us get other successful people's way of doing things.

The positive note is trust when what we say is verified, viable and proven.