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Success Stories

Easily verifiable and experiencable success stories are the best. But please note that things change, and you cannot conclude with good judgment without deep enough knowledge or deep enough understanding of what is in front of you and why it made sense to Gabriel Topman at that time.

Reasonable wealth and financial freedom
Property Wealth

Gabriel Topman's hands-on management solutions

No rental expenses and mortgage.
Rather, the house paid us as it should under that strategy.

My success would NOT have happened if I didn't have the gift of authenticity when I speak but a kind and trustworthy spirit that those with more life experience than me felt safe with. The fact is they gave me an irresistible offer, and I had the grace of clients who have rightfully trusted me.

I found stability before achieving this success.

Doubled the minimum predictable income. 

Freedom is not how much it's what it covers.

Became self-sufficient in terms of cash flow.

The benefit of acting on ideas by working with Gabriel.
I loved supporting him.

Gospel Touch Choir Logo Gabriel Topman's success story
Gabriel Topman and Samuel Adebanjo

Brainstorming Success.
Created real value. The value that provides.

The BBC and many top brands choose this company for gospel choir performances. All we did for this brand was co-founded the brand and offered productive support. Samuel's contribution is much more as there is no business without a co-ordinator and operator.

Samuel Adebanjo is Gabriel's biological brother.

Supporting him gave me valuable experience points.

Events planning, operational and entertainment insider since the year 2003

The benefit of devaluing or generalising my successful business support service
Private equity success

KMB Training E-website (E-business)
Gabriel Topman Co-founded a pastorial training school

Startup Accelerated.
At affordably low prices.

This online training school went from zero to one working business with a members-only section. As their chosen website developer and consulting startup accelerator, the job I delivered here is extensive.

Religious leaders have a passion.

Helping their shoestring budget is not bad.

Startup confidence grows, and they should trust if they are sensible.

The benefits of knowing the value of something or someone.
Value exchange success

Gabriel Topman's global brand.

New customers grew by 50%
More customers within 2 weeks, and there was a good turnout before that.

The client was missing out on search engine traffic that I knew how to fix very quickly in one session. So I did what I did for established and socially active businesses (including my own businesses). The result is 50% growth within two weeks (As I expected).

Her reviews are available on the Google business listings that belong to ( the digital marketing and website design brand featured above.

Are you the right audience?

I know that sensible and worth serving investors, employers and prominent business Directors know the value of good help. So, I have been delebrate in providing authentic assurance, clarity and easy-to-use calls to action: