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Forward Outlook  LTD

Yes, you guessed right. Gabriel Topman is a brand that's working for Forward Outlook Limited. The vision that led to Forward Outlook Ltd hasn't changed since 1998. Helping business leaders attain tangible results through comprehensive support Services. Gabriel serves as the agency leader, senior analyst, trainer, mentor, advisor, speaker, and liaison for globally recognized quality management bodies.



Forward Outlook Ltd

We are interested in mentoring, coaching, consulting, safeguarding, asserting or discovering sustainable JV deals, NED deals, and website support.

If God opens your mind to understanding Gabriel Topman, you will be assured that our intention is to benefit everyone, especially reasonable contributors.

Business coaching and consulting


Forward Outlook Ltd was invented to unite strategic partnerships and serve as a reason to stay committed to the relationship established. The alignment is usually focused on sustaining economic factors by serving the necessary functional value at that time.


Productive and meaningful circles.


Progress with what/who we appreciate.


Sustainably support the right fit.


Something that helps a number of things.

Gabriel Topman Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

Functional Value

We work for Forward Outlook Ltd, and the employer works for us.

Working for Forward Outlook Ltd means everyone involved is successful by human standards. Protected and led by the founders, the company enables all shareholders to know that they own part of the company that achieves and transcends:

  1. Personal development goals.
  2. Stable and future-proofed career.
  3. The bigger purpose that benefits all allies.
  4. Human-need satisfaction and upgrades.
  5. Passive income from investment properties
  6. Passive income from technical solutions.
  7. Active income from authentic support services.

Two is better than one alone. Thanks to Gabriel Topman's decisions, we have achieved solid foundations that proved prudent yet open to attracting continuity and progress. The team has grown (improving our strengths) and weare extending our strengths.


By October 2017: Even though social enterprise-focused business is really at the heart of Forward Outlook's purpose, we discovered the opportunity to make the financial milestone as gigantic as Gabriel deared to pledge and commit himself to satisfying.


Meaningful and functional Roles.


Creating value that fits our focus.


Progressing or continuing the great stuff.


Earn fairly/assertively and sustain it.


Functional focus explained.

We humans enjoy several varieties. The biggest threat is centred around what we don't know and the parts we don't care to understand. That's why God places it in some of our hearts to make elaborate efforts to minister, facilitate and become as assertive as necessary.

"the Problems we had- Got resolved and made us better" Support Services

Part of a journey

Not everyone needs a reason to live, but our founder did. So in 1998, the God of our universe gave Gabriel Mohammed Oluwabamise Adebanjo (Age 13 at that time) the big dream of contributing to our universe by becoming a global brand that would be known for sponsoring and running some of the most extensive forward-moving programmes in the world.

The vision was to inspire those who are serious about personal development and happy to belong, contribute, and deliver on their part in the deal. 🙂

So daydreaming by thinking forward (at that time), the person now differentiated as Gabriel Topman thought he needed to be mega-rich like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. But nowadays, Tony Robbins's pledge to "Feed America" and the coaching businessman's words are more resonating than what inspired the old me. (Old me assumed I needed to get mega-rich).


This value exists because enough goods were accessible and prevalent at different stages of Gabriel's journey. Here is a list of problems that were painfully clear until they were treated:

  1. No love. No genuine love.
  2. Limited understanding or no understanding.
  3. Bad people have no pride in the priceless things.
  4. Stagnancy in the negatives was the consequence
  5. Falling after rising were the consequences.
  6. Distrust and disrespect followed.
  7. The Topman within had to wake up or drown in nothingness.

Success Mile Stones

Humble Gabriel does not like to brag or even expose himself to parasites but failure to inspire with verifiable truths and functional value they will remember they can get from us is how most businesses fail. So Please accept these assurances as solutions:


Personal growth in so many areas.


Leading with expertise and experience.


Quality teams with strengths that blossom


Solid foundations that help everything.

Gabriel Topman takes Forward Outlook Ltd from zero to great stuff

If you found value and credibility in what Gabriel Topman's website offers for free and agree that it is what most small businesses and professionals need to make their own luck, please feel free to schedule a meeting with one of Gabriel Topman's team members.