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Advisory Board

The role of Gabriel Topman in your advisory board.

Globally recognised certifications and the assurance they give.

The grace to make money by supporting other people's crucial needs.

I mean freehold houses (yes, more than one)  and cars fully paid for.

Access everything your goal needs through my role as a credible agent.

Achieve uncommon and rare success without becoming isolated.

Advisory boards work out safer and better with the correct people who respect your best interest.

With a serving spirit by nature, an authentic consultant and agent will not steal your business or pass on your strategy to your rival.  It's not even mentoring unless you lack the experience and know-how in that particular area.

Independent advisory board members will be aligned by sentimental things like friendship, relations or love for the cause.

Different teams and circles for different purposes.

The leader is the owner receiving cooperation

The purpose needs to be clear and relatable.

Selfishness and no ROI after a couple of times tend to put off cooperatives.

Gabriel Topman explains missing secret to finding your purpose from his own perspective. Systems, tool, infinite networks, team and mentor arrows trying to even the Million circles on a lever with leaders as it fulcrum

Good SEO, Analyst and brain power are the fairest words from Sam Adebanjo when he is acknowledging. Words like peacekeeper and good samaritan also came out. The reality is that your full strengths will be noticed by different people in different contexts, and the most lousy encounters will fail to appreciate or misunderstand completely.

Case Studies

Testimonial - Case Study 1 

From my experience, knowing yourself accurately and critically (but fairly) is the most important thing you will need from the start. The best advisers are genuinely caring and mutually helpful. They are far more productive when asking for reasonable things instead of tearing down the good already there.

Desire to worship God

Case study 2:

Prioritising and filling in the gaps.

Between the years 2003 and 2005, Desire To Worship God (DTWG) Organised significant big gospel concerts in Manchester, and Samuel Adebanjo (Gabriel's elder sibling brother) was the vision owner and the talent responsible for coordinating everything with Adaeze Chiwoko (Mariage4real) and me Gabriel Topman (Business consultant) being his right and left hands.

Advisory boards go beyond two helpers, it is about giving those who will come to meetings the chance to hear the coordinators plans, make suggestions and take on the part of the task they know they can deliver.

Though I also sing and like doing praise and worship, my place was the most central in this case. I was happy to host the meetings, host the bands, contribute at meetings, invest and serve as a runner who frequently uses his positive initiative to tackle all loose ends so that Samuel can participate in the passion of single along with the choir and artists that prioritised the performance part of that activity.

Case study 3:

Trade is not only about money.

Between 2017 and 2018, Gabriel Topman discovered a Thursday night Kinzomba dance class and social event in the London SW9 area and naturally attended it as one of the things that gave him joy to participate in at that time.

The event coordinator invested in herself by arranging a 1:1 session in exchange for as much access to her paid dance lessons and social events as I wanted. A proven and experienced business consultant rates her own working business. Her experience was around £500 per hour, and she decided to explore the area she somehow realised I was doing well: SEO for my own business.

She gets to ask for small favours, and I get to speak to fellow customers as that helped me to discover that 40%increase in attendees has started happening within two weeks of my hands-on 1:1 half-day session.

Gabriel Topman Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

A healthy dose of the fear of failure taught me not to be complacent.

While my journey doesn't boast a rags-to-riches narrative, growing up in a cramped room with siblings in a high-crime neighbourhood shaped my understanding of wealth beyond monetary measures.

Even today, as I navigate the complexities of managing assets within my company, I'm acutely aware that mishandling my own company's resources or making imprudent decisions could lead me down a problematic path.

The key, I've learned, is to fortify ourselves against such influences, protecting our values and priorities from those who might disregard them. Failure doesn't arise solely from our actions but also from the environments and individuals we allow to shape our decisions.

Are you the right audience?

I know that sensible and worth serving investors, employers and prominent business Directors know the value of good help. So, I have been delebrate in providing authentic assurance, clarity and easy-to-use calls to action:

Gabriel Topman

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