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Final Decision Makers.

Here is how you can avoid failing YOURSELF and those who are counting on you.

Let me start by declaring my position as a final decision-maker over businesses in which you won't even know I am involved. Gratitude is my humble position and habit; I am very grateful to lead with proven competencies and results. Still, I am humble enough to see myself as a warden (not a king, just a sage/knight by nature).

Gabriel Topman highlights flier promoting mutual assistance and business support for helpful individuals.

Moving forward with others

The age group 18+ are responsible for their decisions. Those who lead anyone around that age group need to understand themselves 1st and understand that some people die without accurate knowledge and understanding of themselves, let alone others.

Why should we compromise stability for fantasy (Or wild cards)? The answer from a responsible position is awareness of the desperate or shameful situation in which we are eminently at risk of finding ourselves.

Ambition and pain points are the seeds that the God of our universe use to motivate us. Whatever pain feels strong enough to keep you moving forward  (in the right direction) is better accepted and used as fuel.

Our journies are different, but the principles of our needs are the same. Our choices reflect our priorities and our priorities reflect our core values at that time. And core values define our identity and purpose.