I follow alignment and lead only when appropriate.

I am very grateful to be leading by proven competencies and results. Still, I am humble enough to say that I am just a warden who finds himself writing his household rules and falling in line when I choose to participate in someone else's commitment and what they were committed to before I came along.

Gabriel Topman

Why this?

Gabriel Topman is a British Entrepreneur

The answer to my question is in the headline itself. The problem will sound like complaining when I go into it but when I used a public bus as an example, one of the perpetrators of my overgrown concerns said she is not a mad person.

In the physical realm, location (current or most regular base) is a fact that most of us can relate to. And if we can make it work, why should we compromise stability for fantasy?

Ambition and pain points are the seeds that the God of our universe use to motivate us. Whatever pain feels strong enough to keep you moving forward is worth turning into positivity.

Our journies are different but the principles of our needs are the same. Our choices reflect our priorities and our priorities reflect our core values at that time. And core values define us.