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Your Privacy

We respect your privacy

No 3rd party (anyone outside our company) will be given your personal information unless forced by law. As long as you are not in danger or at risk of known harm, we will be reluctant and resistant to the law/authorities as far as our professional obligations to act in the best interest of our prospects and active customers are concerned.

Forward Outlook Ltd

The Organisation

Forward Outlook LTD is the organisation behind Mr Gabriel Topman.

As far as we know (and we make it our business to know and understand what is relevant), no one working outside of this company and its subsidiary will have legal or easy access to your data other than systems that enable the safe, secure and pleasant functionality of helping us to reach you and protect your interest.

We will never ask you for money for anything you cannot verify as done or evidently in progress. We will not pry too much into your life or lore you into anything.

When you speak to our consultant or team members, and they ask you for more information about your circumstances, these things will not be shared with anyone (not even inside our organisation) unless they are a crucial part of effectively helping us to deliver your best interest.