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Your Privacy

Whilst it helps to understand what you consider private and too sensitive, not all things need to be explained to us. Our Clients' (Employers') privacy and security are not taken for granted, even after the journey ends.

No 3rd party (anyone outside our company) will be given your personal information unless forced by law. As long as you are not in danger or at risk of known harm, we will be reluctant and resistant to the law/authorities as far as our professional obligations to act in the best interest of our prospects and active customers are concerned.

Forward Outlook Ltd

Forward Outlook LTD is the organisation behind Mr Gabriel Topman. As far as we know (and we make it our business to know and understand what is relevant to us), no one working outside of this company and its subsidiary will have legal or easy access to your data.

Technology Factor

We have been delebrate in not being a puppet and owning most of our decisions. That includes deliberately leaving out the use of cookies and cache and any third-party plugins/codes that invade your privacy.

Social and safeguards

To sustainably deliver the best customer experience, we run with authenticity to protect our customers and our brand from mixups. We are specific and clear about outcomes, and we use trusted specialists to ensure your privacy and security are not taken for granted.