Master Class Topics

Instead of boasting about the fruits of our diligence, hard work, commitment, perseverance, thinking time, action time, God time and dedication to much more than selfishness. Here are the topics we might bring up in pursuit of your best interest 

Getting cash flow from UK Residential property investments.

Attracting serious customers before chasing the wind!

Manifesting your usefulness and knowing your right fits.

Tax efficient legacy building strategies for your children.

Practical and contextual facts behind future-proofing.

Failure: emotions and feelings can mislead & cause failure. 

Safe trading tactics and approaches you can rely on.

Answers to life's essentials like love, happiness and passion.

How sharing can increase the value of what you have.

Choosing your 70:15:15 activity management strategy.

Negatives and positives exist within; let's keep on pushing on.


The alternatives to understanding our choices are frustration caused by repeat failure and feeling stuck in a situation caused by disappointments. But happiness is found in understanding and working on something we can accept, love or appreciate.

Gabriel Topman: addressing stress at work

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