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You are in the right place, that is if you are interested in true wealth and freedom that can scale beyond the delutions that certain people have mass produced. You will need to invest time in critical thinking sessions and accept the fact that an authentic person has no manipulative/ alterio motive.

Gabriel Topman's minset and believes this


The alternatives to understanding our choices are frustration caused by repeat failure and feeling stuck in a situation caused by disappointments. But happiness is found in understanding and working on something we can accept, love or appreciate.

Safe trading tactics and approaches that worked in different scenarios.

Enlightened JVs and serious customers will cut stress levels.

Manifesting your usefulness and knowing your right fits.

Choosing your 70:15:15 activity management strategy.

Preventing emotions and feelings from misleading and causing failure. 

Practical and contextual facts behind future-proofing.

Answers to life's essentials like love, happiness and passion.

Getting good passive income from property investment strategies.

Negatives and positives exist within; let's keep on pushing on.

Sharing the right things with the right people gives you much more in the short, mid & long term.