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Get Cash flow from Properties.

You are in the right place if you have access to large funds and believe 
Property is a reliable side hustle when it is done with careful consideration.

The video in this section shows how we improve communities and protect large, honest money at the same time. The video is more focused on the type of problems we take on.

Get the location right and grace will follow competence.

For Gabriel Topman, this is just doing what we have done well enough to feel confident as we extend our support to those who value the experience and benefits we bring. We get to earn a living in the process.

  • Great property sourcing saves you time and money.
  • £7,000+ savings along with less drama.
  • Project management avoids stagnancy.

Choosing the house, making sure the investment is functional, getting it rented and keeping the success going is the goal.

There is no freedom or safety in doing it yourself, especially if it's more than one hour away from where you live.

Barriers to results include PESTLE (Policy, Environment, Social, Technology, Legal, Economic) factors. And they make our support necessary.

Agent fees and the risk avoided will cost far less than mortgage restrictions and liabilities. Our experience and connections help.

Success is a journey credible consultants want to repeat and grow with.

  • Locations close to universities and public transport.

  • Long-standing problems that are worth tackling.

  • Getting the irresistible buy-know price from the seller.

  • Working with negotiators and consultants.

  • Getting the house occupied ASAP

  • Keeping the asset monetized.

The case for a property as an investment in the UK is self-explanatory, even though all good things have SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

Get Cash flow from property investment. Why work with us? Discover proven solutions for Mortgage-free Property investment, Beat inflation with guaranteed high returns, turn property into lucrative side hustle