Money and properties

Having done all I can so far to make sure you know that we have chosen to be authentic, accountable and as legit as an assertive entrepreneur needs to be. We hope you will pay us to help you participate in what the wealthy will care to do well and finish. We will then invest in furnishing and local relationship management so tenants can move in and stay longer than they would if no love and safety were included in the offer.

You know how we started and why we are into the property space as a secondary trade.

A proud Government will be expected to take certain things seriously, which is the worst case we plan for. Ofcause we learned something new when Vladimir Putin took action against Ukraine.

The worst that can happen is we take on homeless people when the UK's Universities fail to bring us good stuff. And we transfer your stake if you need unwanted  war mongers and enemy makers as your like Vladimir Putin.

So when it comes to property investments. We are open to letting participating investors (no 3rd parties) participate in the following ways:

  1. Outright ownerships and let us manage.
  2. Shares in the company that owns it all.
  3. And crypto-powered shared, you can trade on a public platform.