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Cash flow from properties

There are no shortcuts here. Gabriel's property investment strategy stabilises lives and businesses worldwide. Here are the ways our management consultant supports the humble need for £12K to £20K passive income from properties:

The safest and fastest route is safeguarded.

Save £10k plus in direct auction-related fees. 

Save even more by avoiding nasty surprises.

Earn your bargain by taking on problems.

Save time and money by avoiding bad deals.

Safeguard your interest with the Topman.

Have an assertive character on the front line.

There are good areas with old and exaggerated reputations dragging down their prices.

Since Gabriel Topman now has good experience with future-proofed and sustainable property success strategies, the management consultant is working with specialised property experts and estate agencies to make sure that we can secure off-the-market and below-market value deals when the money emerges.

Not all business activities create wealth but it depends on how you play the cards.

Host your best interest on a private property that the government or banks have no authority or right over.

Establish your functional value to those who find you at their point of need and respect your ownership.

Gabriel Topman

You are in the right place if you have access to large funds and believe 
Property is a reliable side hustle when it is done with careful consideration.

A successful entry and exit success story and why it happened.

Babs bought a not-so-ideal house in a not-so-ideal area from an auction house and discovered that his accountant had an agent and consultant in that location.

Babs trusted Gabriel with keys and safeguarding so that builders only got paid when Gabriel Topman's high-quality standards had signed off the job.

In return for the business, Gabriel offered him a rent-to-rent deal that delivered guaranteed rent for a period of time, and that guarantee was honoured when the right fit for that area fell back into their old life.

Achieving this isn't just about the present; it's about earning your part of the legacy by contributing safely. A legacy that echoes through time—defined by empowerment, positivity, and a narrative that shapes a brighter future for generations to come.

Get Cash flow from property investment. Why work with us? Discover proven solutions for Mortgage-free Property investment, Beat inflation with guaranteed high returns, turn property into lucrative side hustle

Bigger Projects

The key is to facilitate a safe community that people want to stay in. Someone has to do it, so let it be Gabriel.

Gabriel Topman Investment Opportunities

Facts to consider

We would be happy to work for you and pay rent.

Choosing the house, making sure the investment is functional, getting it rented and keeping the success going is the goal.

There is no freedom or safety in doing it yourself, especially if it's more than one hour away from where you live.

Barriers to results include PESTLE (Policy, Environment, Social, Technology, Legal, Economic) factors. And they make our support necessary.

Agent fees and the risk avoided will cost far less than mortgage restrictions and liabilities. Our experience and connections help.