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Testimonials and reviews are valued because it shows that someone appreciates us enough to provide them, and it helps the cynical or anxious to decide whether authentic proofs and verifiable trials are good enough for them.

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Here are reviews or testimonials from sensible people. Those who appreciate Gabriel Topman enough to give a helpful review of their experience/perspective.

Asset management

Gabriel talks about what's next.

Talks about multiple income streams, from looking for another property that fits our current goals to being obsessed with this website and anything that communicates with potential customers.

High ticket career

Apprentice gets work experience and training.

This gentleman  and productive offer. Now he has earned more relevant work experience and understanding than any university programme or course can deliver without working with local entrepreneurs on Gabriel's wavelength.

Bouncing back from stagnancy, void and failure

I broke the nasty pattern of failure by checking the root cause of the problems. The most significant source of the problem is unreliable information. The enemy within is the 2nd one that can be managed over time as we focus on knowing where we have chosen to go and why that road is our road less stupid for us.

One tenant offers character reference.

Acknowledgement: John is very alright; he is honest and open-minded (like me). He did make his own version of the same video in his own house, but I asked him to do it under my fake tree and spotlights 🙂

Masterclass attendee shares the fruit of personal development

Property investment talks and strategies that are focused on residential property and community building are what Andy talks about in the above video. We focussed on what Andy has gained from spending time with Gabriel Topman.

Gabriel Topman takes Forward Outlook Ltd from zero to great stuff

Result Masterclass Topics

Not for selfish time wasters, bench warmers, imposters, bench fillers or potential rivals. Gabriel Topman's programs are designed for the legacy and wealth builders who are ready to live assertively.

Becoming an irresistible offer to the right people, discovering and satisfying the clients.

Establishing the settings and setups that put certainty in times of uncertainty.

Does your business support your chosen career path, goals or work for your preferred life? 

Digging deeper

The wheel of life, fortune and progress keeps flowing when we get the critical paths right.

Enemies or resistance emerge for too many reasons, and those who survive them can help.

Selfishness is not in our nature; our work must help our people, especially when they add value.