PESTLE, SWOT & Marketing Mix are facts that define your position.

There are tools/maps that help people to know their options, what to do and the most effective way for that particular situation. Treat your life/work like a business, and you will find satisfaction or a mission. We can decern SWOT based on what's happening right now! We will then be able to make better decisions.

Gabriel Topman is a hard working man.

Facing the facts:

Gabriel Topman is a British Entrepreneur

Failure is never off the table for anyone, whether it is by our definition or someone else's definition of failure. If we fail because our circumstances weren't safeguarded as legitimately/reasonably as we can make it, then the risk we face (knowingly or unknowingly) are frustration, nasty surprises, unwanted liabilities (debt) and unwanted problems/threats.

Attracting sustainable results and keeping them requires accountability and the type of people that will choose to comply, cooperate and deliver on their part without proving toxic/harmful when we reflect on their choices.

Repeat and regular money was the assignment given to me by the environment that did much more for me than my parents, siblings and friends. The other lesson the environment taught me was to be more prudent.

Like Borris Johnson, the most competent Prime Minister (Leader) of my lifetime, said at the early stages of Global the COVID-19 crisis: "The market is in the location, and property is a top-class asset."

Safety and self-worth are serious topics, and democracy does not mean people can do whatever they want. When we do, we do it at a risk level we should know well enough and be positioned to manage.