Purpose focussed consultancy, training and result coaching services. For those who are serious about:
Stability and Success.


About us:
Managing, Training and Consulting.

Grace is key. Life's problems give us the experience points required to understand and empathise; what we can control is the decision to master our crafts and demonstrate it so well that worthy customers can choose to pay us for the grace to avoid/stop their imminent or possible risk of failure.

Because problems worth solving are usually the problems that the person sponsored or paying for their own needs has recognised. We want to be happy to help and keep helping, too so here is our approach:

We fast-track those who can afford it.

Make complicated/hard work simpler.

Hold outputs for those on a low budget.

Gabriel Topman

Founder's testimonial.
Success Story
Explains the link between investment property and other investments.

Mortgage Free.

Only 30% of UK property owners are free from the mortgage rate that can catch up against most people. But our circumstances were born from the need to put certainty in uncertainty, which is one example of risk management. 

Why Care?

Compared to 70% of the alternatives, we have quality and highly effective connections that allow us to get things done in super fast, effective and sustainable ways. This helps you cut the years of trials and errors. You get to avoid being caught up in the nasty surprises alone or without good help.

Maslow's hierachy of needs
Success can be shared safely.

Sustainable success is stable and robust.

Successful: I deliver purpose-focused consultancy, training and result coaching services for those who are also serious about stability and success.

As a consultant with skin in the game, I am here because I took on management roles with plenty of success stories (my own success stories are featured here.

Coaching, training and multiple projects are not complicated; it's simply helping the right people to amplify their effectiveness. It saves them the pain and suffering they deserve without quality and perfected help.

Gabriel Topmans Process

We diversified further by October 2012 into:
Old agencies.

Fate has a habit of leading the way even when logic, fear of failure and the missing bits haven't come together yet, and this website is an example of starting somewhere in order to support friends in that industry.

minibus hire with driver london

In October 2008, he diversified into this transportation:
Old agency.

Yes, from a consultant featured in the Chamber of Commerce inside cover and MMU Business schools' exciting co-working space to tackling the more urgent needs we could satisfy.


Learn more about the value adding process that made us the best choice for William Hill, British Heart Foundation head office and even staff at Google, Metropolitan Police and much more.

Boardroom and mastery with Gabriel Topman

Consultancy is a calling. His reason for acceptance is:


Effectiveness can be misunderstood because different people have their ways. Misunderstanding can cause relationships to break down. But here are some facts to consider:

  • Acceptance/purpose can be disrupted!

  • Happiness is relative to understanding.

  • Patterns can change but at what cost?

  • Cost prices for certain things are known to change.

  • Search engine algorithms are known to change.

  • Even terms of engagement can change as people change.

Continued satisfaction comes with understanding and tackling the complicated stuff.


More testimonials
#Investor & team.
She proves that the right fit will see the value and trust it.

Emotional intelligence requires reflection and discussions because learning curves allow us to understand why one person earns our continued interest/VIP status while others share the mutual consultations that are too neutral or negative to consider worthy of our energy or resources we can control.

He decided to organise big events and found:

gabriel and samuel Adebanjo

Brainstorming Success.
Created real value. The value that provides.

The BBC and many top brands choose this company for gospel choir performances. All we did for this brand was co-founded the brand and offered productive support. Samuel's contribution is much more as there is no business without a co-ordinator and operator.

This pastoral college negotiated and found:

Gabriel Topman Co-founded a pastorial training school

Startup Accelerated.
£20K value was made affordable.

This online training school went from zero to one working business with a members-only section. As their chosen website developer and consulting startup accelerator, the job I delivered here is extensive.

Value exchanged gave her great ROI. And that is considered

Gabriel Topman's global brand.

New customers grew by 50%
More customers within 2 weeks, and there was a good turnout before that.

The client was missing out on search engine traffic that I knew how to fix very quickly in one session. So I did what I did for established and socially active businesses (including my own businesses). The result is 50% growth within two weeks (As I expected).

Her reviews are available on the Google business listings that belong to (Bamise.com) the digital marketing and website design brand featured above.

"Why take action?
Choices affect reality but the right decision is relative to understanding or circumstances. So we offer safe:
Reality checks.

strategies to bring new sales

Are you the right audience?

I know that sensible and worth serving investors, employers and prominent business Directors know the value of good help. So, I have been delebrate in providing authentic assurance, clarity and easy-to-use calls to action: