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We are the helpful middleman called Agents. Business consultants (B2B) that hold essential assets and cater for some non-business end-users (B2C). We guarantee our customers are not disappointed or messed around. We are perfect for passive income practitioners, frequent travellers, and those who let Gabriel Topman do his job.

Gabriel Topman takes Forward Outlook Ltd from zero to great stuff

Business Support

As a young internet marketer who found consistency in the brick and motor industry. "What?" is relative to feelings, circumstances and understanding. We found that giving too much information will be too specific and cause some people to feel lost because people often grab the wrong end of the stick and hold on to it.

Success Stories

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Growing from rags to better off.
Summary of Gabriel Topman's journey.

My long list of names is a solid pattern that proves that my parents had good intentions, even though it also shows they didn't know what they were doing. My rebrand shows internal instincts, and keeping it is more based on expert knowledge and understanding than faith or opinion.

Forward Outlook Ltd

More than money, much more.
Why Forward Outlook Ltd is good for our universe.

Destiny or fate is both chosen and written. I was foolish enough to pray for perfection and improvements, and God repeatedly answered 1st with a problem worth solving. When I passed the very painful or uneasy phases, the right fits became more valuable to me than many of them understood. So the ministry of coaching or consulting started to make sense after God gave me uncommon wins.

Committed team #1

The business of life
Serena's journey with Gabriel Topman

Serena chose to believe in Gabriel Topman; she allowed him to lead and trust his authentic approach. She somehow understands his version of accountability, and you can see the humility and imperfections accommodated with judgement calls.

Gabriel Topman values productive gathering

Teams and individuality
Experience has confirmed that being alone is dangerous.

With all of Gabriel Topman's active businesses, he started with an understanding of how it fits the mission, the lifestyle he has accepted and what it will take to sustainably scale the company to where it needs to be. That understanding led us to offer apprenticeships, scholarships, 1:1 consultancy and getting hands-on when he feels/sees the need for it.

Why Care?

Life has proven that results can be carefully considered, random or driven with both. 

Our solutions tackle the problems/risks that are usually critical to sustainable success.

The desire to grow and do better in life is natural. Sustainable ways are legit and fair.

More Success Stories

From website success stories to property success stories, here are some of the reasons we feel qualified by experience and results.


Gospel Touch Choir
In-demand gospel choir agency.

The BBC and many top brands choose this company for gospel choir performances. All we did for this brand was find the brand and leverage the backlinks in ways that opened the CEO's eyes to the value of search engine marketing.

Forward Outlook Limited icon brough to you by Gabriel Topman

Forward Outlook Ltd.
Strategic solution to real challenges.

Umbrella company that invests in assets and holds the assets until we are bought out of the deal. Gabriel Topman is the key person of influence here, and committed owner-managers privately own the company.


Ginga Boo Festival
Kizomba and Urban Kiz dance classes

Within 3 weeks after having a 1:1 consultation with Gabriel Topman, this dance class and event organiser experienced a 30% growth in new customers and that growth continued.

Careful Removals UK is led by Gabriel Topman

Careful Removals UK
An agency working with strategic partnerships.

In London, England: This moving service worked better than everywhere else even though our operation could cover the entire country, and it did for some time. What's special about this trade is that we started with £300.00


Kingdom Ministry Bible Training
Pastoral Training Institution

The need identified here was a shoestring budget for online pastoral training. The Bishop running the programme chose to listen and cooperate because he valued experience, and he was able to declare what he was willing to contribute.

bamise website
SEO Website Design Focussed

Split testing and careful consideration prevented serious SEO problems for the company behind this brand. Going into details at this stage is pointless, but there is a time to discuss strategies and complicated stuff.

How to boost luck in life/business?

The #1 rule of luck is accurate knowledge of yourself and where your value fits. While it's not always easy, and sometimes the discoveries are not pleasant, I recommend that you choose to enjoy that journey of self-discovery and treat it as an investment in yourself and the lives that depend on you as a person. 

(Gabriel Topman)

Experiencing and learning fast!

The journey started in 1998.

Forward Outlook Limited is the management, holding entity that Gabriel Topman works for

Gabriel Topman's Moving Help

Experienced consultants can determine if the operations manager and delivery team are reasonable or harmful to the customer and your Organisation. Those who lack experience or care for effectiveness will only confuse as they make false claims.

Forward Outlook Ltd

We work for Forward Outlook Ltd, and the employer works for us.

Working for Forward Outlook Ltd means everyone involved is successful by human standards. Protected and led by the founders, the company enables all shareholders to know that they own part of the company that achieves and transcends:

  1. Personal development goals.
  2. Stable and future-proofed career.
  3. The bigger purpose that befits all allies.
  4. Human-need satisfaction and upgrades.
  5. Passive income from investment properties
  6. Passive income from technical solutions.
  7. Active income from authentic support services.

The leading consultant has retained agencies in the UK. The 1st place award-winning e-business consultant knows the cost of failing and has the benefits of winning in personal life and business. So consultation and coaching are more of a solution to common problems than anything else.


JV deals and risk management.


Quality connections and active development.

Gabriel Topman: addressing stress at work

We are interested in mentoring, coaching, consulting, safeguarding, asserting or discovering sustainable JV deals, NED deals, and website support.

We are earning our part in the attraction process. If God opens your mind to understanding Gabriel Topman, you will be assured of the fact that our work benefits everyone.

Start now and thank me later.

I know what this website offers for free is what I need to know early and take very seriously. Ofcause there is a lot more, and the subjects interlink and deepen far more than I can present on a public serving platform for free.