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A management consultant.  Helping regional Leaders to drive more progress...

Business Solutions:

Offering 90+ Days Credit & More. I am Your Sage-level Solutions Architect, Strategy Developer & Optimiser. A Self-starter, Consultant, Analyst, Lead UX Developer, & UI Designer Known for SEO-focused website design, Graphics, e-business development Skills & UK Property Success.

Achieve low-cost advantages.

Scale high quality at low cost.

Be positioned to respond appropriately.

Don't fail to differentiate well enough.

Proactive stability and safety measures.

Video Testimonials

Repeat customers of any type do not realise they are an employer. Without their business, then there is no activity, and without an activity that makes sense to all involved, there is no business. Here are some of the customers who understand the value:

She "got to" test trade safely, discovered her SWOT safely and witnessed PESTLE threats being managed.

He upgraded by choice and flowed with Gabriel. He got to take ownership of the situation around him.

Authentic Assurance

Deliberately easy to verify, Gabriel Topman is a brand you can find easily online. Forward Outlook Limited is the legal setting separating this consultancy brand from the diversified business activities. Verify reputation and standing here:


Trust Authenticity

Globally accepted as reasonably successful, highly skilled, honest, and kind, Gabriel is an authentic self-help and personal development success story. Forward Outlook Limited is the company behind all of Gabriel's work. Here is the list of verifiable credentials:

#1 certified award from top university.

A unique brand you can trust.

Tax-paying registered Organisation.

Guru-level internet marketing skills.

Fully paid for houses in the UK.

Real experience and know-how.

Teams (growing with Gabriel).

After generously allowing clear patterns to be established or simply choosing to quickly assess, Gabriel treats people the way they deserve.

There are no salespeople here. Before interacting with us, you must know and believe in us. You are expected to see the elaborate effort and authenticity.

Why Consultancy 1st

Consultancy is about helping those who are willing to reach a good and productive understanding to get there. Those who achieved authentic and easily verifiable progress are the most reliable advisers you can find.

Having helped many and proven our value proposition, the reality in our business is 100% on the market or environment and not on us.

  • Negatives do their thing
  • Missunderstanding happens.

We realised the challenges, so we developed strategies that raised the barriers to the extent that made the decision-makers responsible for their choices or our carefully considered response.

Reliable Models & Maps 🙂

As you may already know, there are additional top-level considerations that help with deciding when to "change"—yes, change one aspect of the map presented below. Having comprehensive skills and industry knowledge helps, too, and there are ways to get that quickly.

Skip this if you are not interested in seeing a comprehensive and proven success model. But here is a breakdown for those interested:

  1. Leaders should seriously know what and why.
  2. A purposeful goal helps alignment.
  3. Assets can be the lever. Deals too.
  4. Mentors can be consultants/coaches.
  5. Purpose can have multiple uses.
  6. Systems should be resilient.
  7. Reality checks improve patterns.
  8. Giving and letting go are secrets.
  9. Facts and themes matter.

We are here to help with the details because that's the line of calling and ministry Gabriel accepted in 1998.