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Here are the outcomes Gabriel topman knows he can deliver to the standards that the right people will understand, notice and appreciate.


Let's face the reality; stress is the result of failure or unhealthy situations. Consulting allows Gabriel Topman to listen and then offer actionable solutions.

Gabriel Topman's ways

Authentic | Educational | Assertive

Focussed on effectiveness

How to be effective anywhere: Most of the educational materials you get anywhere are rarely complete. But you have enough to get you started.

Gabriel Topman at work

Proof of practice: Insight into a cash flow strategy that works for the right people in the correct location. You get to see how Gabriel deals with people.

Online Marketing Tips

The fats underpinning trust: Gabriel explains user experience and hopes this website is proof that he is practising what he preached in the video.

Strategic partnerships

Productive friendships: Those who can handle huge volumes are encouraged to consider having agents, resellers or franchise owners.


Life affects career, and a working business requires the right people. Why not become the right person 1st and then share your life with someone that accepts and embraces your core (not just the things they can get)?

Shareholder's Review

By working closely with Gabriel Topman, Serena was able to help Forward Outlook limited with managing the risks of nasty surprises. She also helps with admin and operations.

Tenant gives review

Working with grace and grace with us is exactly how we became John's landlord. We are forever grateful for the cooperation and the time we spent hosting this guy.

Apprenticeship for top jobs

This guy has the wisdom, attitude and diligence required to be entertained and accommodated by a self-starter who will not give too much to more selfish scumbags.

Gabriel Topman's Experience

My life started improving fast when Gabriel Topman stopped entertaining delusions and started testing and observing with tact. The alternative was to keep blaming God, myself and others.

Improvement - Development

Please reach out to Gabriel Topman with the understanding that he will not work with anyone likely to end up wasting their own time, along with other people's time!

Gabriel Topman is accountable.

If you doubt, use a credit card to pay and chargeback if we make you a promise and then fail. One negative review is enough to let anyone know the worst that can happen, so we expect angry customers to use it.

Boardroom and mastery with Gabriel Topman

Understanding helps

Attachments are a good example that we can start with. Before we discovered the things or people we are attached to, we existed. And when life separates us from those attachments, we suffer until we learn.

  • Emotions lie to people.
  • Hostility is not good for stability.
  • God's grace is essential.
  • Being slow to anger is not a weakness.
  • Bibble says be angry but do not sin.
  • It also says a great wife loves helping.
  • Someone in the dream team must know what they are doing and have a way of coping with the figure-it-out phases.

Anxious people need to understand that Gabriel Topman's goal is not to cause suffering and resentment by disrupting great stuff; his goal is to help himself by helping those who are authentic, fair, stable and cooperative.


Serena Organtini is Gabriel Topman's life and business partner

Gabriel's Process

The bubbles represent the facts that may be called up in order to make a decision. With understanding, both of us can decide whether we can work together on that goal/task.

How Gabriel Topmans Advisory Works

If you understand us

Your choices and actions will help us to know where you have decided to go with us. To start from somewhere meaningful to you or your business, please feel free to contact: 07727053635.

Gabriel Topman takes Forward Outlook Ltd from zero to great stuff

The fact

The selfless joy of seeing my people do well is a bonus, but I am not a messiah, lamb or whatever those who consciously victimize others might hope for. Instead, I want money or the chance to pay you for something you can deliver.

Gabriel Topma's photo

My Business is my life and that business success is relative to the deals I honour.

  • Growth can manifest in improvements.
  • Cash flow growth can be sustainable.
  • Peace and stability can be guaranteed.
  • Lack of unity certainly kills peace.



Acknowledgement: Without support from people like Serena, personal development-centric workaholics like Gabriel Topman will be too caught up in chaos, confusion and isolation.

About Gabriel Topman

Consulting and coaching leader.

Honesty, authenticity and productivity are my core values. If you still doubt me after Googling me and going through this website, you will be considered a time waster.

While kindness feels good to me, the self-protecting or defending obligations within me has revealed a pattern that assures me that I am not completely harmless (no one is), just like Dogs and cats are not.

  • God-conscious but not religious.
  • It's either productive or a break.
  • I hate delusions, divisiveness and deception, I am not good at it and I won't entertain it.

Productivity is quantitative and countable, and wealth, to me, is based on the ability to keep and enjoy both measurable and meaningful things.

Unedited picture of Gabriel Topman at the office during COVID19 pandemic period

Want to work with Gabriel Topman?

If you find Gabriel's work to be useful, helpful, accountable and credible enough. Please feel free to contact: 07727053635. If you are calling from outside the UK replace the 0 at the beginning with 0044 or +44.