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Coaching Investor

Supports businesses by investing in websites and furnishing.

Outputs like websites you appreciate, houses you have legal ownership of and the regular money one of us is happy to pay each other will put tangible and time-tested into this programme. We also connect you to verified, effective and seriously committed people.

Life-conscious business is easier said than done, but we have done it several times and can confirm that it's worth doing. Gabriel Topman's coaching programme applies the time-tested textbooks and personal development facts that are most relevant to the reality that matters the most.


My confidence comes from uncommon results. Results like mortgage-free houses, relative freedom, reasonable abundance, Awards, certifications and better connections than before.

Prudently speaking, I am also coaching because I fear and respect the God of our universe enough to choose the calling over money and fantasy. I also fear failure enough to embrace the antidote.


Gabriel Topman is a personal development practitioner, a strategic marketer and a private equity investor (coaching investor). His consultancy or coaching programme is a proactive cure to the root cause of stagnancy, falling after rising, and the nasty surprises that are predictable and preventable.

The principles I share in my coaching programmes are proven (not ideas). They saved me from my weaknesses and helped me when I felt lost.

We only invest when we can get long-term and regular income from the deal, even if it IS as little as £25 per month. All we need is your commitment. 

Some of my work/journey.
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Gabriel Topman's Moving Help

Forward Outlook Limited is the management, holding entity that Gabriel Topman works for


Featured above are some of my own businesses and supporting artwork. Not all my businesses are still paying, and that's precisely why I chose to focus on what is working right now.

Gabriel Topman
We are interested and active.

Solid foundations

Support, support and support is the rule of great coaching programmes. Speed of trust demands that we acknowledge what you have done well and build on that, and if you are on the right track, we will both be positioned to celebrate sooner.

Topics treated:
  1. Know yourself and be current with it.
  2. Goals and realistic steps forward.
  3. Safely testing approaches in 2023
  4. Accessing the infinite network 2023.
  5. Strategic position and marketing mix.
  6. The role of attraction in everything.
  7. Scheduled reality checks.
  8. Strength leveraging.
  9. Borrowing other people's strengths.
  10. Changing what's harmful.
  11. Steps toward your critical paths.
  12. Pulling off the critical paths.
  13. Why E-business effectiveness and how?
  14. Why UK property investments and how?

Effectiveness is so-vital in everything worth doing that it will be discussed and challenged by Gabriel Topman himself or his trusted team of coaching professionals.

Understanding and discernment 

The wisdom part of the game is something people take for granted and don't take seriously unless they have committed themselves to a path they don't want to destroy.

My job is safety. Safe for my most committed stakeholders and me. Not just physical, safeguarding legitimate results at the appropriate time and doing whatever kind but assertive has to.

Seeing the 1st hand impact of failure, boredom, and shallow decisions have made me uneasy. It makes thinking and effective delivery a better habit.

The wiser my choices get, the more effective, outstandingly successful and happier I become. So my love for doing good is tamed by accurate knowledge, understanding and discernment.

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You are directed to a very short video and asked to give an assignment that may involve further study or, most of the time, a chance to do things yourself. 1:1 consultations will then address that specific topic and let you approve or disapprove without taking it personally.

Gabriel Topmans Process

Learning helped me to understand that my own money game plan falls under private equity game planning. Consulting or coaching is a calling and thinking forward guides me.

I will freely share the necessary self-discovery tools that made a huge difference in helping me understand why I am not trying to be the King/Boss. I just happen to be managing my SWOT with consideration.

Why I trust and believe in myself.

It takes time to build trust, but you can decide with the understanding that healthy relationships do right, commit and give ROI, but toxic ones fail to cooperate; they are harmful and super inconsiderate.

Our conversations have great value, and we know how to ensure the value is both respected and appreciated.

Effective execution, accountability, reality checks, strategic considerations and incremental improvements are encouraged and supported.

Committed team #1

#The end-user.
By listening, cooperating and being an evident ally (not a crazy person), this woman gradually achieved meaningful/tangible results in her business of life in the United Kingdom.

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