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It's time to make progress
Progress with comprehensive business solutions.

Sponsored Workshops

Forward-moving and productivity focussed. This business management consultant delivers "done-with-you" and "done-for-you" solutions. Workshops, on-the-job training and coaching programmes for life and business goals. 

Forward Outlook's board room 2017

Free and exclusive group sessions
Covering the A-Z of search marketing today. This session will cover the challenges and pitfalls and then take you through the process of making progress.

Enhancing Organizational Efficiency: Streamlining Processes for Maximum Impact

Collaboration practice and training
Covering the A-Z of what is known as JV (joint ventures. This programme explains the difference between comprehensively traditional partnerships and JV deals.

Let's start with why.


Decisions and their knock-on effects are far more important than noise.

Gabriel Topman's Core

Stability requires understanding, and progress requires the same.


Results and choices are a speed of trust. Filtering is not manipulative.

People Conscious Business Solutions


You can sustainably choose to preserve your life, career or business from damaging abuse/victimized reality.

Gabriel Topman Digital

You can bring the ideas, the materials, and even the text. Then, let creative digital work on coming up with something nice.

Gabriel Topman Finance

Do you need to go year in and year out without knowing your figures? Why not work with a book keeper?

System Conscious Business Solutions

Reliable success models for business

Since we all do different things and like varieties, what's wrong with understanding how things fit/work together?


What's wrong with establishing a manifesto that clarifies purpose and gives you something to improve/build on?


Property is a physical asset. An asset is something you own or work for you. Estate agents will keep it passive. 

Featured Video Testimonials

When people are being reasonable, we help them see/discover strengths and opportunities with their names on them. It's easier to help those who know the price of taking things for granted.

This feedback concerns safety, discovering SWOT safely and witnessing PESTLE threats being managed.

This feedback is more than being a landlord. It was about offer, grace, chances and decisions that move forward.

Selected Project Case Studies.

04 smile quality result coaching - frame at 0m13s

Visualised Alignment of combos.
Not all leaders are worthy, trustworthy, or authentic, and few of us can discern them accurately. The solution is a specific focus at different times.

Get Cash flow from property investment. Why work with us? Discover proven solutions for Mortgage-free Property investment, Beat inflation with guaranteed high returns, turn property into lucrative side hustle
Get Cash flow from property investment. Why work with us? Discover proven solutions for Mortgage-free Property investment, Beat inflation with guaranteed high returns, turn property into lucrative side hustle

Fruits of personal development.
This offer attempts to give people a clear, actionable, relatable acceptance point. It worked far better than the detailed business model that led to the funds.

Salay Kekula
Salay Kekula

Growth and progress supported.
Not every service provider can build on trending strength and manifest aligned solution that seriously works. That's what we are proud to have done.

productive team solutions

One of the ways we develop.
Discussions give you a vibe, and outcomes confirm the reality. This is an example of functions and activities that make a difference when people know what they are doing and why.

Gabriel Topman Digital
Gabriel Topman Digital

Quality graphics and content.
Cost advantage without compromising quality takes time, skilled leadership and grace. We are grateful to feature this case study as an example.

Gabriel Topman Finance
Serena Organtini

Management accounting.
Gabriel's coaching and investments took qualified accountants to levels greater than the available worldwide. Loose ends can now be tackled fast!

KMB Training E-website (E-business)
search webdesign service

Achieved great stuff for 3rd parties.
The strategic position that ticks off more value than a novice or mid-level can offer. And superfast ranking on search engines has been maintained.

careful removals man and van
Gabriel Topman's hands-on management solutions

Achied 16 years in the trade plus
Maintained the career of being a marketer/entrepreneur and not just the trade that enabled Gabriel to diversify and bring in faster money than consultancy was doing.

We are looking for new projects.

Please embrace the title you want to give this business and management consultancy. All we ask is that you remember that those who help others to move forward should not become doormats or victims. With that understanding, here is what you will get:

Quality at affordable prices.

We don't risk our reputation.

Our deals and ways are fair.

Limiting beliefs are checked here

Authentic Assurance

Deliberately easy to verify, Gabriel Topman is a brand you can find easily online. Forward Outlook Limited is the legal setting separating this consultancy brand from the diversified business activities. Verify reputation and standing here:


Assertive is not always easy.

Although forgiving, Gabriel never forgets. The worst-case scenario is that Gabriel changes the level of generosity and access he gives to those he considers toxic or not worthy of the value he offers. If the language or threat level changes, then Gabriel will match it.

Since he doesn't expect any less from great people, Gabriel believes the key to effectiveness is communicating the value enough to attract those sensible enough to see or discover the value.


Kind And Yet Assertive

Gabriel is certainly not a politician or a civil servant, although we all have relatives in one high position or the other. He certainly doesn't accept responsibility for 3rd parties he has no influence over.

Gabriel will not force his understanding and good judgment on you. As Serena said (in the testimonial video above), he is so honest that the outcome reflects your choices and priorities. Gabriel Topman rejects the victim position even if it's triggered by collective ignorance, negligence, misunderstanding, or a negative strategy/idea.

Decisions And Strategies

Everyone who has grown with Gabriel and succeeded with him earned it by 1st making sure they understand and, most importantly, doing their part or accepting the accountability tactics that the lost causes often turn into something untrue and unfair.

Trust Authenticity

Globally accepted as reasonably successful, highly skilled, honest, and kind, Gabriel is an authentic self-help and personal development success story. Gabriel knows success is a journey with milestones. Keeping what we have and how we leverage it reflects our honour. Here are some of Gabriel's credentials:

#1 certified award from top university.

Fully paid for houses in the UK.

A unique brand you can trust.

Tax-paying registered Organisation.

Strategic marketing skills are demonstrated.

Real experience and know-how is demonstrated.

Good Teams (growing with Gabriel).

We humans operate at different levels of understanding and our strengths are different.  Our choices and actions (even silence) form a pattern we must accept as reality.

After generously allowing clear patterns to be established or simply choosing to quickly assess, Gabriel treats people the way they deserve.

Reliable Models & Maps 🙂

As you may already know, there are additional top-level considerations that help with deciding when to "change"—yes, change one aspect of the map presented below. Having comprehensive skills and industry knowledge helps, too, and there are ways to get that quickly.

Skip this if you are not interested in seeing a comprehensive and proven success model. But here is a breakdown for those interested:

  1. Leaders should seriously know what and why.
  2. A purposeful goal helps alignment.
  3. Assets can be the lever. Deals too.
  4. Mentors can be consultants/coaches.
  5. Purpose can have multiple uses.
  6. Systems should be resilient.
  7. Reality checks improve patterns.
  8. Giving and letting go are secrets.
  9. Facts and themes matter.

We are here to help with the details because that's the line of calling and ministry Gabriel accepted in 1998.

Why Consultancy 1st

Consultancy is about helping those who are willing to reach a good and productive understanding to get there. Those who achieved authentic and easily verifiable progress are the most reliable advisers you can find.

Having helped many and proven our value proposition, the reality in our business is 100% on the market or environment and not on us.

  • Negatives do their thing
  • Missunderstanding happens.

We realised the challenges, so we developed strategies that raised the barriers to the extent that made the decision-makers responsible for their choices or our carefully considered response.

Starting points

If you don't know your monetisable strength, productive discussion topics or general 1:1 meetings will do wonders for you. The website will deliver clarity and alignment, and then everything else is progress. The details and the journey are why smart people value us.