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Discovering the topman within was the simple motive for embracing this last-name differentiator as a personal brand. The person known as Gabriel Topman is Gabriel Adebanjo. The desire to contribute and grow is why this website exists.

Growth Agenda 2024

Because our enemies are more motivated by the money than the joy of making it legitimately, the mission of 2024 is to maintain the authenticity that helps you discern for yourself. While preserving ourselves, our energy will prioritise authenticity and good help because:

Patterns establish the facts beyond a reasonable doubt. Someone said (and I agree) that one is either fooling others or themselves.

Good decision-makers want experienced perspectives. Gabriel Topman's job is to know why we do things a certain way, even if crowds do differently. 

Gabriel Topman and services Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

Why Education and Consultancy.

Good business schools will have introduced Belbin's theory of team roles. History would have introduced the concept of advisory boards and these days NEDs.

Not quick to fight and not entertaining conspicuous/negative situations for too long, Gabriel is a personal development practitioner who tries not to be too safe in it.

A good number of successful people respect and trust Gabriel for good reasons. But Gabriel knows his value is not for everyone because some people have problems with honesty, accountability and "giving back".

The reality of being respected for the values added and then disrespected/abused for selfish reasons is what helped Gabriel to accept the perfection in being an assertive but very graciously kind personality.

Risk management Forward Outlook

Equitable and sustainable things

Most people like the equitable part because spending is easy. The sustainability of settings and choices requires careful consideration and willingness to adapt by going forward and backwards on things far better in that state than set in stone.

For examples:

Technology updates and what matters to you.

The realities/facts that define the quality of management.

Gabriel Topman: addressing stress at work
Gabriel Topman explains missing secret to find your purpose from his own perspective.

Purpose and know-how

The map on the left (or above) is an adopted (upgrade) for leaders who care to build a contributing value that does more than just taking, taking and only taking during their lifetime.

While anyone can use it to do wonders (or evil) if they understand it. If they are not doing something more certainly rogue-like or toxic to authentic people, they will be expected to know why the speed of authentication and results is Gabriel's speed of trust and acceptance.

Supporting good human needs for ROI.

Owning our settings/choices and improving when needed.

Adding value to cooperative circles for ROI

Contextual Priorities for 2024

Gabriel is a simple man, a Dad with mixed-race children. Supporting anything that is not toxic or deluding happens to give him satisfaction. The equitable role of business carries all of Gabriel's interests (whether it is not-for-profit or ROI-conscious).

He is simply practising the harmless act of thinking big and acting small but not too small to be ignored by those who would rather work with others than strive or deliberately fail their friends.

Effectively focus on owning a university brand.

Invest specifically in graduates from selected uni.

Keep 70% of proceeds where they were made.

Bring back those can still add value (they are forgiven).

Maintain simple and recognisable outcomes even when the process is complicated.

Gabriel topman's Logo Web design, E-business development, and investment properties, Gabriel topman An Investor- A Risk Manager - A Strategy supporter

Are you the right audience?

I know that sensible and worth serving investors, employers and prominent business Directors know the value of good help. So, I have been delebrate in providing authentic assurance, clarity and easy-to-use calls to action: