Want to grow/improve?
Environment & Support Helps. 
This is a growth hacking group.

Growth talks quarterly.

What you get from this business support programme is healthy peer pressure that must be authentic enough to trigger help when you need it. Well-wishers will have confidence in your skills, so be sure to invite your quality friends/prospects to the club.

  • Safeguard against failure with help.

  • Drop the excuses for good reasons.

  • Get the confidential 1:1 consultation you need when you are struggling.

Leading coach's acknowledgement.

I appear strong and highly skilled with demonstrated implementation skills that many try to catch up with, and some pay someone to do for them because the universe created problems that are seriously hard to forget or ignore. I simply found myself determined to solve those problems with years of hard work, prayer and continuous improvements.

Risk management

So What's in it for you?

  • A deadline that feels more real.
  • Chance to inspire your friends to grow.
  • Assured contacts will make offers.
  • Growing allies, remember you.
  • Investment opportunities emerge.
  • JV opportunities emerge.

Mindset is more than an idea; it is about solid motives and patterns. Reserved for my clients only: I have stories of being punished for good judgement calls. And what others thought was a bad judgement call was self-discovery.

Constructive criticisms will be encouraged; they must be fair, accurate and necessary. Correcting misunderstandings will likely save you thousands or millions in the long run.

Some promising talents may reject it at first, but there will come a time when moving forward with the right person is something worth doing, and when that happens, the grace of God will determine who they move forward with.