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Success has milestones 

Yes, the milestones of success are relative to the goal, the mission and the reality. It's also about how long we have been at it and who is responsible for either driving the result or taking part in the success by supporting the results.


People and branding are not new concepts either, so I can say that God's grace retained this brand, and I brought it forward during a Careful decision-making process. Success one can see, feel, experience, enjoy, upgrade, keep and find fellow achievers to hang out with are part of life's productive reasons to get out of bed every morning.

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After achieving these success milestones, Gabriel decided to grow by helping others.

Here is the list of meaningful results that anyone ready and capable can access through Gabriel and Forward Outlook Ltd.

Financial freedom (wealth) from properties.

Resilient career and businesses.

Quality certification agent for a global body. 

Comprehensively deep understanding.

The vision and mission

Vision is a desired or accepted reality. The mission is working toward it.

The official vision of a management consultancy brand manifested in 1998. It was very clear, and somehow, Gabriel fully understood the calling in detail. The calling is to prepare to become a philanthropic social enterprise that teaches, supports, and ideally works with bigger consultancy brands. The consultancy Brand name McKinsey somehow popped up, and so did PWC as employers I would work with. The branding strategy was not clear the only thing that was clear was the activities and functional value that felt productive and meaningful.

I am your helpful contact

27 years on the same pathway and saying it doesn't get tiring would be a lie. But I am still here, with a clearer understanding and personal conviction. My success milestones vindicate me, and I only share them to assure the right audience.


5 Gabriel Topman Gold

Success Mile stones supported by Gabriel Topman

I have success milestones made so safe by the UK System and their commitment to keeping their economy going. It is also based on the solid foundations I laid before extending Forward Outlook Ltd and myself to your interest.

  1. Result helping skill/talent you can deliver.
  2. Systems is selling your offer on autopilot.
  3. Passive income from Investment Properties.

Trust me because I am not caught up in selfishness, pride, ego, power, or any negative patterns. I believe learning doesn't stop and personal development is about improving in all aspects of life.

Reality and facts about Gabriel

Complying with a non-manipulated God standard is my"first thing first." Religious extremists often fail to grasp this, and they show themselves the moment they see the difference in my ways and choices.

Thanks to personal development and practice, I certainly found solutions to the many problems I faced because I was too simple, too naive, and too kind.

  • Books like "Rich Dad  | Poor Dad" made the idea of getting richer and wealthier an absolute necessity to live for and risk it all for.
  • Books like The Richest Man In Babilon confirmed my choices were not wrong when those who didn't understand started creating friction or parting ways or criticising.
Gabriel Topman