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Gabriel Topman's minset and believes this

My Story

So, I wasn't easily understood or appreciated by parents, siblings or randomly earned friendships/acquaintances. And God gifted me with enough mountains to make me feel unlucky until I found many aha moments by taking on a lot of self-help books.

Theoretical learners

I discovered I was a theoretical college learner (2002). It explains why complicated things unravel eventually. But there are annoying side effects, like not being good at copying anything and wanting to establish a unique variation when copy and paste would have been the simplest and easiest way forward. Anyway, I grew up, and I'm committed to continuous improvement, so I'm excited about where this gift has taken me so far and the greater things that are possible.

Personal Mission

My focus is more on 1st preserving myself. Then serving the honourable interests my future self will thank me for. Some people think it's selfish, but I love giving, contributing and feeling I belong.

What I believe it takes:

  • 1st, find and retain future-proofed settings (Done).
  • Then prioritize sustainable effectiveness (Doing it).
  • Invest time and money in discovering (Doing).
  • Invest time and money in the whos and whats that work (doing).

The vision

Vision is a desired or accepted reality you choose to attract.

The long-term vision for Forward Outlook Limited is to go public when the Organisation is fulfilling its purpose to the expected level. Where it fits in Gabriel Topman's vision is how Gabriel's ROI is spent, and that will most likely be on growth hacking, family, and serious philanthropy.

Core values

Complying with a non-manipulated God standard is my"1st thing 1st". Religious people often fail to get this, but I certainly found solutions to the problems I faced by putting things into perspective.

Being a rich Dad that pays good attention to my children's core and well-being is the 2nd.

Growth is actually third, even though it dominates my time. The fact means I'm not doing well enough to retire, so I am still on the journey of trying to survive and thrive.

Gabriel Topman

About 25 years in this direction

25 years on the same pathway and saying it doesn't get tiring would be a lie. But I am still here, in fact, with a clearer understanding and personal conviction.


Current believes:

I believe learning doesn't stop with one proven, tested, evolved discovery. It continues with the live-and-let-live policy. If that were the case, I would not have chosen to call all activities before Forward Outlook Limited a test trading activity and stick with that as I continue re-inventing everything until we have the reality that can cover that philanthropist goal.

  • Money is a valuable token system.
  • There are proven maps for life/biz.
  • Religion has its good side and bad.
  • Success is relative, not always related.
  • Comparing and converting is toxic.
  • Conflict of interest is part of life.
  • Selfless struggles but learns to preserve. So, I let God use me, and I try to look after myself so that I don't end up feeling fooled by randomness and then complaining about the source.
Gabriel Topman