This vision was born in 1998

He decided on his path in 1998. He deliberately persisted with passion for his education and then for implementing and continuous improvement.

Experience and position led to substantial results by 2009, but life got in the way in 2012 and forced him to bounce back better and stronger in 2016.

By 2019 law of attraction and the God of our universe were proven so accurate and helpful that Gabriel's results became envied by some people and respected by those who chose to deal with him.

Here we are again with the path he was on before Covid19 happened.

Gabriel Topman Working 2021

Who is Gabriel Topman?

Gabriel Topman is definitely taking pride in being a kind, friendly and God-fearing/loving human. The Entrepreneur earned his position as a leading coach and senior consultant across a group of companies. He operates primarily in mainland England, the United Kingdom.

Gabriel Topman is a hard working man.


We always want to survive, thrive and be able to accept the situation we find ourselves in.

As you know, failure manifest itself and threats that can lead to failure also manifest themselves from time to time, so like most highly effective people, I picked up a lot of self-help books and explored all resources that can help my businesses and myself perform better.

When the 2008 recession hit, I converted £300 into a working business that had nothing to do with my search engine marketing consultancy business. But when my personal life failed in 2012 and again in 2016, I realised I needed to change and work on the foundation, starting with these questions:

What is my definite purpose, and how do I work hard as I naturally do without losing my family as I did in 2012?