About Gabriel Topman

1st, I am a God-fearing man, and that's even more so than I was as a religious practitioner.  2nd, I am a time and money-rich Dad trying to improve everything that is already great by human standards. 3rd, I am a giver; I know this part is probably #1, but the fear of God is even more important as we grow stronger.

Forward Outlook Ltd

The vision

Vision is a desired or accepted reality you choose to attract.

Events that establish an honourable (safe) platform for non-competing elites/achievers to safely enjoy, contribute to and thrive by sharing found wisdom, SWOT, and effectiveness. Thousands of thinking and considerate people will find fulfilment and satisfaction as long as they are not the threat or the weakness.

Grace mastery and God.

I trust God's grace more than I trust myself because I certainly don't have any above-average skills or talent that wasn't earned with practice, thinking forward and learning. But my learning style and orientation do fall on the rare side (2% as of 2001), so I wasn't easily understood or appreciated by parents, siblings or randomly earned friendships/acquaintances.

The story behind the mission

Gabriel Topman's global brand.A naive teenager that daydreamed in English literature class at AMR technology college (1998). The dream wasn't taken seriously, but my spirit was compelled to write it down, and what came out wasn't Gabriel Topman. Bamise.com was actually one of the things that came out.

As you know, many are called, but few are chosen. Failure manifests itself, and threats that can lead to failure also manifest themselves from time to time. Like most highly effective people, I picked up many self-help books and explored all resources to help my businesses and myself perform better.

When the 2008 recession hit, I converted £300 into a working business that had nothing to do with my search engine marketing consultancy business. But when my personal life failed in 2012 and again in 2016, I realised I needed to change and work on the foundation, starting with these questions:

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God's grace made science.

If humanity fails to think and act right, then monkeys or aliens from another planet may be empowered to eat us and change our reality. And God is so kind that he allowed many of us to discover notable contributions like Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

But learning doesn't stop with one proven, tested, evolved discovery. It continues with the live-and-let-live policy that less ignorant people are willing to respect while power drunk (threats) are likely to be unable to ignore, tolerate or walk away from.

Since this is my calling, I can only ask God to shield me from the sins, mistakes or imperfections I cannot recover from and yet keep me strong, bold and confident like a beautiful/handsome version of what God has placed in the right people to accept.


Maslow's hierachy of needs

I am a support bubble.

My business is primarily on non-conscious and humble self-actualisation. It takes wisdom and careful consideration to see me as a credible solution, but all I can control is my part of the situation (God helping).

Gabriel Topman in 2015

Personal Mission

My focus is more on 1st preserving myself. Then serving the honourable interests my future self will thank me for. Some people think it's selfish, but I love giving, contributing and feeling I belong.

What it takes:

Experience, learning culture and know-how is the most accurate way to know how. High IQ doesn't automatically provide the answers, but you can copy my steps.

  • 1st, find and retain future-proofed settings (Done).
  • Then prioritize sustainable effectiveness (Doing it).
  • Invest time and money in discovering (Doing).
  • Invest time and money in the whos and whats that work (doing).

Employment Mission

#1 key person of influence usually gives the company mission. It can be agreed upon and then adopted or even copied. 

Sustainably improve the human-level success we have found by a combination of dice rolling, grace working and sustainable chances (chance to make more passive income and have fun and fulfil human needs around the joys of making money).

What it takes:

  • 1st, have a dignified value that is authentic and reliable.
  • Then be effective by accommodating the right fits.
  • Focus on quality over quantity or suffer the consequences.
  • Keep trying but observe everything and work with grace.
Serena Organtini is Gabriel Topman's life and business partner

I want to be appreciated

Coaching/consultancy and accountability go way further than what you hear from service providers that sell their crap to those who need more consideration.

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Risk management

Most of my happy customers are careful-thinking and genuinely intelligent decision-makers who chose me because of the following reasons:

  1. Have the patience or skills to listen or read.
  2. Have the judgement to value authenticity.
  3. Aware of their needs and decided to take action.
  4. Aware of their gap and believes I'm good enough for it.
  5. Smart enough to be assured by facts and grace.
  6. Smart enough to play fair/kindly or cooperate with me.

We all need those traits (not just my customers) because falling after rising happens when we buy the wrong things, entertain the wrong focus and neglect valuable relationships.

Life demanded more detail.

You want to know what I am good for, and so did I. That self-actualisation is a personal journey that should not be underestimated or overestimated. It can be replaced by technological advancement, changes in human preferences, better experiences from somewhere else and, in my case, enlightenment (solid and kind epiphanies).

Gabriel Topman takes Forward Outlook Ltd from zero to great stuff