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Quality Certifications for Senior Management

  • To assure worth assuring stakeholders.
  • Achieve high standards and get certified for it.
  • Demonstrate commitment to corporate responsibilities.

Management sets the tone, but if most are accountable and responsible, businesses and organisations would not need independent and globally accepted quality standards.

Gabriel Topman

Quality Assurance Agent

ISO 9000 isn't just a mere set of quality management standards—it's the cornerstone of excellence meticulously crafted to elevate businesses and organizations globally.

Established by the esteemed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in collaboration with standards professionals from diverse nations, it stands as the gold standard for performance benchmarks embraced worldwide.

These standards aren't just guidelines; they're the bedrock upon which unparalleled quality-minded performance is built. Gabriel's superiors in this area provide a more stringent standard known as BMS75000. By letting Gabriel serve as your consultant for liaison with a quality assurance focus, you secure both the ISO9000 and BMS75000.

Depending on your location, Gabriel Topman is the fast and easy way to complete and maintain the process of attaining both the BMS75000 and the ISO9000 Compliance.

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An Independent advisory board member with BMS75000 sole agreement is:

  • Trusted by the authorities and awarding bodies.
  • verified as authentic and not corruptible.
  • Accepted as reasonable in terms of gracefulness.
  • Credible and legit before we were approached.

Business consultants or mentors with recognised industry-wide experience by nature, the sole agents, are chosen based on hoops and challenges we went through. We are chosen because we are recognised as good analysts and not the type to deliberately participate or indulge in professional negligence or harmful or irresponsible corporate and management behaviours.

Getting Started

Learn more about the UK's BMS75000 directly on the dedicated website of the UK-registered company, and you will learn more about the founder and his authority in connection with the UK and USA Government rules. You will find that it covers the USA's less stringent ISO9000.

Why care?

The alternative to not getting certified or recognised yearly is exposing oneself to potentially biased scrutiny and distrust from the business environment (market) you care for, especially in a world where cynicism is a self-preservation tactic.

  • Nobody likes nasty surprises, and you know that there are far too many business people who don't intend to play fair from the start.

  • Trust is earned on merits and accountability to standards that competence will understand, and BMS75000 (BMS7K) is the time-tested standard.

  • By earning the UK's BMS75000 management assuring certification, quality-conscious management would be able to get a double certification, which adds to the ISO9000 standard.

  • Quality conscious management would prefer to proactively engage in self assessment with the support a liaison between them and the award giving authorities.

In defence of quality

Gabriel Topman when appointed as the non-executive consultant/manager on behalf of your organization, assist with the process of obtaining and maintaining BMS75000 certification, a globally recognized management quality standard. This certification demonstrates a company's commitment to corporate governance, which is highly valued by shareholders, stockholders, and customers. Additionally, BMS75000 certification automatically satisfies the requirements of ISO9000, a less stringent quality standard commonly used in the United States.

Gabriel Topman