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Here is the dream team. If you are interested in industry experience and connections, please feel free to review the vetted and trusted team for which Gabriel Topman takes responsibility.


Gabriel Topman Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

Entrepreneur and proprietor

Gabriel Topman is a self-starter who decided to pursue his dream of being a highly effective consultant (since  October 1998). Encouraged to go to Uni in 2003, his full-time effort started in 2006 and continues.

Serena Organtini Forward Outlook

Helping customer

In 2016, Serena was open-minded about business and personal development. Other than being an irresistible beauty on the outside and by nature, the alignment with Gabriel's policies started from there,

Chirag shah Forward Outlook Business Associate.

Experienced Startup Coach

Shirag is an excellent and easygoing person to brainstorm with. He chose to work with Gabriel Topman on a part-time basis. because he has 20+ years experience in the startup coaching space,

Love Oyinye mba

Filming and video coach

Gabriel test-drove Oyinye MBA's support and agrees that her encouraging, supportive and cooperative attitude was vital. She also chose to work with Gabriel on a part-time basis.

Forward Outlook's board room 2017

3rd party contractors.

We semi-outsource or, should I say, hire contract workers to get things done. We also employ the service of accountable associates.

Gabriel Topman takes Customer's satisfaction very seriously

Business Development.

Sammer has 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing. His connections in India help anyone looking for offshore staffing.

None-Executive Director (NED)

Whether you keep it remote, hybrid or in-house is based on your preference and my cost considerations.

 Let me start by confirming that we make the process safe in more ways than the alternatives that can afford to fail. All that matters to us is that your needs are identified (accurately and quickly), and the quick wins for you are tackled 1st.