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Gabriel Topman can serve as one of:
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E- business consultancy

This is about putting certainty in uncertainty and having the freedom to pivot or achieve growth without losing your net worth.

Gabriel Topman Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

Why Gabriel Topman?

Successful by human standards, before Gabriel achieved mortgage-free properties, he started by failing fast enough to realize failure can happen if we don't take careful considerations and own our decisions.

  1. Know what will work for your priority.
  2. Align your interest to fit tight, not impose.
  3. Establish a solid foundation from the start.
  4. Get the quality standard right for the purpose.
  5. Being positioned to survive no matter what.
  6. Be ready for sustainable opportunities.
  7. Getting better at everything worth doing.
  8. Optimize until you are an irresistible value.
  9. Know that only fools resist the value they need.

If it benefits Forward Outlook Ltd's and VIP stakeholders.
Gabriel Topman will deliver a talk or presentation about

How to X4 your net worth, instead of gambling it away. This is not financial advice it's probably a case for my university game plan.

Why is there nothing wrong with living a humble lifestyle in order to give even more to the critical paths to the next level up?

Foundation up

The foundation of my talk is around real estate, but think about University and holidays and even airports and you can imagine the scope of thinking big and acting small.

Forward outlook

You might care if your audience has indicated appreciation of the following:

  • Variety or a little bit of diversity.
  • Authentic smiles and friendliness.
  • Authentic story of courage and bravery.
  • Possitive impacts that can be verified easily.
  • Valuable insight into how I survived where most failed.
  • Sustainable upliftment and inspiration towards hope.
  • Insight into God’s grace and good judgment coming together.

As an event organizer or sponsor in the real estate sector, you need a speaker who can truly captivate your audience. That audience needs a good reason to come together, and here are my reasons since I am one of them:

  1. Something to do that happens to feel worthy.
  2. Like the value of learning from each other or being social.
  3. Hearing a perspective that might remind/inspire.
  4. Chance to discover alignment and interact.
  5. Satisfy the fact that the audience deeply cares about the topic.
Risk management Forward Outlook
Boardroom and mastery with Gabriel Topman

There is a map I developed.

You will find that this, too, builds on wealth through properties and infrastructure.

Gabriel Topman explains missing secret to finding your purpose from his own perspective. Systems, tool, infinite networks, team and mentor arrows trying to even the Million circles on a lever with leaders as it fulcrum

Event organizers, planners and owners will be happy to have me talk about wealth through properties and business. Yes, I am talking about

  • Taking net worth to sustainable heights
  • Actual examples of threats that became opportunities.
  • Accurate and verifiable stories of converting threats to allies.

You should care if you are a good event organizer who deserves more show-ups and repeat business. If you understand why Michael Jason (may his soul rest in peace) worked himself to the point of exhaustion and sudden death by obsessing over the experience he will deliver.

This is obviously not a Michael Jackson show or entertainment plan. But it is certainly about our mutual quest for greatness and the fact that content is good and vital, but experience and results are the magic behind great stuff compared to the mediocre.

Sample educational videos:

Imagine the impact on your audience when they experience a speaker who exudes confidence and inspires them to achieve their goals. I am that speaker.

I am here for you whether your audience includes fair-minded mortgage professionals, estate agents, property-sourcing experts, or those seriously interested in moving forward with their passion for cash flow through investment properties.

While my success is modest, I have authentically inspired and helped a good number of people. I am ready to do the same for your audience, provided our game is based on authenticity.

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