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What will it take to have your own business? Working Business

Reality Checks

Everything worth doing has a process. Along the way, there will be distractors, naysayers and unbelievers. Still, all you really need is an understanding of the definite purpose of your effort and how it sustainably fits your current directions.

Gabriel Topman explains missing secret to finding your purpose from his own perspective. Systems, tool, infinite networks, team and mentor arrows trying to even the Million circles on a lever with leaders as it fulcrum

Setting goals, like declaring what you want as a result of co-founding or owning a business, will prove to be the most crucial thing anyone looking to own and manage a company must do:

  • I look for the right fit only.
  • At what scale will you be better/best?
  • A strategy that fits your SWOT & PESTLE.
  • Be prepared to work on clarity.
  • Be prepared to tackle complicated.
  • User experience (UX) affects loyalty.
  • Sometimes, user interface (UI) affects UX.
  • The team will come; let us start with you.
  • Systems and tools need to be integrated.

The alternative to the map my team and I will help you master is uncertain and vague compared to this.


Gabriel Topman Investor - Risk manager - Strategy supporter

The leading Consultant

Successful by human standards, before Gabriel achieved mortgage-free properties, he started out by failing fast enough to realize he needed quality mentors and advisers. 20+ years later, Gabriel Topman got much better than 70% of available talents/resources at delivering these not-so-easy but critical steps to progress:

  1. Know what will work for your priority.
  2. Align your interest to fit tight, not impose.
  3. Establish a solid foundation from the start.
  4. Get the quality standard right for the purpose.
  5. Being positioned to survive no matter what.
  6. Be ready for sustainable opportunities.
  7. Getting better at everything worth doing.
  8. Optimize until you are an irresistible value.
  9. Know that only fools resist the value they need.
Testimonial - Case Study 1 

Website Design agency, led by Gabriel Topman

Case study example - Investment shelved

There is undoubtedly such a thing as doing too much because one is not enough. This logo, along with Gabriel Topman's logo, is an example of branding strategies for the purpose of deep consideration of the challenges that we face in digital marketing. You see, differentiation has depth, and so those cost focus.

Baba fabroids cure logo

Case study example - Global Language

The King of a region influences things like mining and diplomatic relations with the local Government, and the local Government has a relationship with the federal government, or they are all going to struggle in one area. Now, Kings are not executives. They are open business owners, and the functional value we serve goes beyond capturing their sign board.

Gabriel Topman Co-founded a pastorial training school

Case study example: This business works more profoundly than meets the eye. It is capable of reaching 7 to 12 figures because of the choices a consultant understands. costing the proprietor only £25 to retain.

Most wanted! Family run contractor service

Case study example - Pivoting looks like this

Gabriel Topman can pivot away from one country to another or town to another to the environment that gives us what we want most. The reality of pivoting is caused by "food running out or no existing" in the undesired or uncomfortable environment. Gabriel's Startup acceleration breaks the circle of unstable reality.

London man

Case study example - Themese and science of branding

If you understand what we did here, then that's great. You can trust us for alignment, but if you think the world evolves around your perspective and preferences alone, your attention will not necessarily give you the reward or satisfaction that our deep knowledge, understanding and discernment have manifested before we decided to support others.

Gospel Touch Choir Logo Gabriel Topman's success story

Case study example - Key person's directions.

Now known as GT Choir for evolving their SEO and market expansion purposes. Gospel Touch is the fruit of a casual brainstorming session. The big picture was meant to be inclusive, but the key coordinator is still on a journey to discover how far he can take it without the co-founders. We happily supported him with SEO and attended many independently found great stuff he does.

Getting cash flow is #1, and here are the basics for free:

For cash flow, jobs are the only options with no support, subsidy or generational wealth/settings in place. You will need regular money or at least a way of legitimately earning the money you need for:

  • Access to a circle that's good for you.
  • Systems that help you plan and track.
  • Systems that help you do better and faster.
  • Competent helpers you can afford.
  • The little things like treats, cards and gifts.
  • Money for transport when necessary.

If you are still in doubt, then £3 to check the UK land registry or to get more from the UK company's house.

One becomes two when there is a trade of any type or journey that is not isolated and alone. If you get the 1st one right (yourself), two will happen and stay doubled. My good analytical skills will help you discern the #1 critical path to your desired sustainable reality.

The lever
Free Educational
level one starter and introduction.

Why Care?

Compared to 97% of the alternatives, we have quality and highly effective connections that allow us to get things done in super fast, effective and sustainable ways. In fairness, Gabriel Topman does a lot for the purpose of laying a functional and scalable foundation.

This helps you cut the years of trial and error. No need to snap, burnout or face abandonment.

You get to avoid being caught up in the nasty surprises alone or without good help.