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Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Keys to Continuous Learning

A growth mindset is something Gabriel Topman wasn’t taught, so it can be considered a gift from God of our universe. But just because it was a gift doesn’t mean it wasn’t earned. For faster growth, a growth mindset still needs to be cultivated and improved.

Books, courses, and videos deliver messages and insights, and those insights can affirm, vindicate, or reveal the gaps between where we needed to be and where we were. For example, the case for knowing when to keep our mouth shut can develop first as life experiences reveal the problems that come with it, but the right book will tell stories and examples of how others managed their right to keep their mouth shut.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight, but with conviction and understanding, the pace of improvement can be dramatically faster than it would be if the wrong type of help is offered or imposed. A good help should be competent and significantly better where we are not so strong.

Financial freedom and independence, for example, is Gabriel Topman’s success story. The business portfolio and activities he engages in are treating the pain points of boredom and the need to close the gap between the things his success can afford and the things he would do more frequently if the wealth were mega.

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