Your Safety is important and Gabriel Topman has made elaborate efforts.

Telling you how this consultant delivers guaranteed results is not enough. We have decided to put our good, personal and differentiated brand on the line and have chosen to make verification as easy as serious prospects should be able to get.

Why the speed of trust?

People react differently, and they do so in line with their level of understanding, experience and interests.

  • They buy when they want/need it.
  • They trust for different reasons.
  • Most continue what's convenient.
  • Most will resist what is not convenient
  • And AIDA is a sales process that goes deep enough to work well for anyone that takes time to consider what they can do well enough.
Maslow's hierachy of needs
Gabriel Topman: addressing stress at work

Nobody likes nasty surprises.

But nasty surprises happen when accountability, authenticity and commitments are not deep enough.

Now that the pain points that this topic (Your Speed Of Trust) has been treated in ways that will make sense to anyone that doesn't want to be the bad guy.

Now, here are the benefits of making your business more assuring and safe to deal with.

  1. Be appreciated by quality people.
  2. Be understood faster, much faster.
  3. Sell what people want.
  4. Sell to the right people.
  5. Buy safely by doing some checks.
  6. Buy smartly by knowing what accountability looks like.

Your speed of trust

The educational video above explains two main things, and this section will break them down into applicable and understandable milestones.

search webdesign service

Limitless virtual tour/insight

Scrap houses

Risk Vs Opportunity management

Risk management

Survival setting and positioning.

strategies to bring new sales

Sustainable growth attraction.


If everyone can commit to taking only what they can deliver effectively and accommodate the right fits, then there will still be a need for deliberately good (accountable, credible and mindful) helpers.

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