Value mindset is a source of motivation

Value mindset is the source of Gabriel Topman's motivation, confidence and satisfaction. Now that the universe has proven to be reliable and in his favour,  he shares the mindset that triggered the willingness to work hard, persevere and fight if necessary.

Gabriel Topman's Moving Help

Whatever works for you.

In 2008, E-business consulting work became something I did when the high-ticket transportation services got quiet. That inconsistency along with being stuck with the wrong type of associates led to results that are not so exciting but not shameful.

Complete moving services and 600 homes later helped Gabriel Topman to:

  • Get better at general management.
  • Get ROI from the investments in himself.
  • Practice and offer on-the-job training.
  • Learn from successful clients.
  • Learn from successful suppliers.
  • Learn from hired experts called in to help.
  • Get good at changing gear and speed.
  • Appreciate the power of mindset.
  • Notice how mindset affects quality.


Benefits of coaching and consulting

Reliable help

Help with perfecting your offer and business model before spending millions on advertising.

Joint ventures

Indirect partnerships that keep you posted and supported as things evolve.

Value drivers

Value driver, someone you can call and trust to look after you because it is in their interest to do so.

Sustainable growth

If it's not sustainable Gabriel Topman will change the strategy, approach and keep the core moving.