Gabriel Topman's number one property and business development interest as of June 2022.

Fellow investors,

Because: Alone, we will be risking our company's mortgage-free status and have no one to share this success in the making with. But with your help, we will owe you future proof and a very liquid business model.

You are invited to invest in this type of project with me only if you can let us do our job.

Our realistic offer is to invest £200K in exchange for a 140% ROI Plus your money back if you want to cash out in 20 years. This works out to be a 7% Annual ROI and a minimum of three years term will be accepted, and half of that amount can also be invested but no less than three years.

So here's the type of things I can assure you with my brand and with private equity shares:

  • £87k controllable revenue from service charges
  • Abandoned flats to be repossessed and monetized

Apart from the regular paid work this project creates and stabilizes under Gabriel Topman's leadership, the total value we will passively create annually (with this estate) is £110k.

All from looking after the estate, not rental income.

Growth plan

We will act on opportunities right in front of us and potentially have our name on them. There are scheduled activities that have already proven to manifest those types of opportunities and also to monetize them successfully and featured below is our most recent chance.

Accessible Area

With access to many things and the safety of an ample communal space that will be gated. Investments like this one have a future and sustainability in them.

Hosting People

Safe and secured environment: We are creating a safe bubble of diversity in North East England. A place skilled city people can go for affordable work/life balance.

Cashflow concious

Facts and figures are natural things to get when we have the chance but that's not the point here (even though we have them). We have a bigger picture.


Fact driven

Precise figures with room for improvements: We have facts and numbers dating back three years and verified properly. Highlights show our immediate source of revenue.

Led by Gabriel Topman, Forward Outlook Limited is focused on the journey to self-actualisation. That journey can take different time frames depending on the client's circumstances when we meet them or the need of the organisation that refers them to us.

How investing in this residential estate fits our  management and holding strategy

10X the revenue and the number of assets like the one being showcased here

Gabriel Topman has HMO, Air BnB, lifestyle benefits and strategic business units that turn towns like these into a significant city status on his mind. He knows what needs to be done to put certainty in all uncertainty. He understands the facts that need to be evident to sustainably 10X 6 figure investments, like the example being showcased here.

Image of Gabriel Topman

Investors are invited to see what is happening right now before Forward Outlook Ltd goes public

Gabriel topman discovered this property deal and he wants to add it to Forward Outlook's portfolio of assets we own and manage. He buys off the market assets like these ones and starts making money (real cash flow) within 60 days and automatically too.

Video Testimonials

Trust Gabriel Topman because everything great has to start from somewhere and where we started can be discovered on the home page of this website. You can access the home page by clicking on the logo at the top. The videos below are brought forward for your convenience.

Happy investor interviewed

The reality is we are already enjoying better returns than the extensive work and little return offer being purchased. But Serena has seen Gabriel Topman do what he does best and shares her experience in the video above.

Way back, contact and client interviewed

Gabriel Topman is one of those investors (Andy is talking about), but he is not a footballer, just your humble agent/entrepreneur that hasn't retired yet. What makes him happy is the results that grace and effort will manifest.

Maslow's hierachy of needs

Support the power of education and ministry and you will be sawing on a fertile ground

Growth has already happened and is still happening. Now Gabriel wants to sustainably start scale. He wants a £10 million investment this year to support this proposal's bigger picture. He has his facts, figures and strategy on lockdown, and he can do it alone, but that will be a much higher risk and difficulty than sharing the profits with investors.

Gabriel Topma's photo

Based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.Why would I choose to be alone when there is joy in paying out to committed and all-in investors that believe, commit and cooperate fully.

The bigger picture

We will keep what's working and manage the expensive monkeys in our business.

I know it is rude to describe situations relating to people like monkeys but what's the fun if we cannot visualize the problem with the metaphor that confirms:

  • Randomness
  • Damaging decisions

By monkeys, if you have driven your car through a zoo with free-moving chimpanzees and monkeys, you will know how creatively problematic those lovable creatures can be. You will accept that friendly but not too easy personality like Gabriel Topman and his selected team members are crucial in the game of assertiveness and risk management.

  • This is just a foundation-building step.
  • A responsible crowd will be attracted.
  • Care and responsiveness are a commitment.

We are not the type of people who take other people's things for granted. That will be reflected in the fact that a genuine brand is behind this, not just the limited liability company that I am already heavily committed to.


Umbrella company

Forward Outlook Ltd: Company-owned assets and personal brands like Gabriel Topman exist to serve as the unique and accountable person leading that company.

Your investment in this will be secure with the following safeguards:

  • Local management with skin in the game too.
  • Dedicated incorporation for this portfolio.
  • Private shares of Forward Outlook Limited
  • Lifestyle events to give people an experience you will have VIP access to.