Business startup, survival and growth advisory service

Gabriel Topman's youtube channel shares the strategies that worked and would have been better for the following businesses.

Startup Success Stories

I have detailed and verifiable success stories across a wide range of industries. And the biggest ones are featured below.

I (Gabriel Topman) have chosen to now focus on coaching, training, planning and dispatch. 

In my advisory sessions, I draw on experiences and the practised knowledge that worked. You will find it cheaper to talk and be in it together than to fall victim to a salesman giving free coaching or a premium coaching that ends up legally stealing people's money and then making a mockery of them when they complain on Trust Pilot.

Gabriel Topman went from from consulting to transport and then  housing and back to consulting and managing.

In 2008, transformed away from e-business consulting work to serve as removals man and van service manager.

Because I have practised what I preach on my youtube and Vimeo channels, and you have a picture that proves it. I will not tolerate or entertain doubters, naysayers and enemies of progress.

For that reason, Gabriel Topman does not work for the following personalities:

  • Ungrateful cynics.
  • Uncommitted participants.
  • Rogues of all types.
  • Excuse making weak links.
  • Easily confused and diverted people.
  • People who act on jealousy
  • People who hate progress.

God's grace and mercy has everything to do with it.

You have seen all the things I juggled and worked on and still had very little or nothing to show for it. But here are the detailed value that came out of all of that.

Convictions in my decisions and actions.

Skills and know-how that get things done.

Heartfelt gratitude from knowing the alternative and the consequences.

Picture of Gabriel Bamise Topman's and his setup before before COVID19

Benefits of coaching and consulting

Reliable help

Help with perfecting your offer and business model before spending millions on advertising.

Joint ventures

Indirect partnerships that keeps you posted and supported as things affect or include you.

Value drivers

Value driver, someone you can call and trust to look after you because it is in their interest to do so.

Sustainable growth

If it's not sustainable Gabriel Topman will change the strategy, approach and keep the core moving.