Gabriel Topman

As an Entrepreneur that works for my fellow and trusted private equity investors. I get paid when things are working and keep working without pay if things are not working the way we want them.

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While assuring realistic ROI for investors...

You will find Gabriel to be blessing those who listen and cooperate with priceless benefits like a sense of belonging, purpose, actualisation and achievement. For investors, tools of the trade like vans, cars, telecom toolkits, and paid work generating agencies working together will be sold if we feel the need to part ways. But uncommitted threats to Gabriel Topman's game of life will experience whatever feels right after careful consideration.

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Experience: I have been tested, pressured, and broken, but my core remains kind and willing to live and let others live.

I feel like God is still moulding me. Yes, I refer to the God of this universe as I know it, the God known by other names.

God knows that others with different levels of IQ, EQ and influence over the things that affect my brand and me have served their purpose and will serve their purpose in whatever the universe decides to bless/test us with.

While we all have our reasons and convictions for how we choose to live and the risks we take, navigating myself and those happy to follow/cooperate is all I can do to stay employed by the private company that unites me with investors I want or accept.

Some of Gabriel's work


Stating the Facts

Gabriel Topman is the personal brand that differentiates our leading agent/entrepreneur from the other Adebanjos. The videos here show the grace that he has worked with before asking long term minded investors to invest a minimum of £75,000 in Forward Outlook limited.


Serena Organtini has been the single most cooperative person that comes from a very good family of law-abiding police officers and housewives. I wouldn't be a Dad and I would not have come up with Forward Outlook Ltd if she wasn't the patient investor that happens to have become the mother of two of my children.

Because: being able to give and contribute more is my biggest motive.

By 2025, after making sure all investors have received their share of the net profit. A charity that is run within a castle, mansion or something better will be the work I Gabriel Topman will love to be running along the side of cars that hover (not fly)

Gabriel's Intentions

Yes, back in 1998, the pain of knowing why my mother caused me to change the environment (country) at a young age led me to decide to become wealthy enough to inspire and be a significant route to progress for the right people.

By 2025, a  charity (run within a castle) that hosts potential allies and boots out the parasites and supper weak links is where (God willing) you will find me training and coaching the prospective leaders that:

  • Were affected by harmful/ineffective influencers
  • Realize the value of having staunchest allies.
  • Understands the benefit of joint ventures
  • Willing to allow others to benefit from own existence without sniffing out our light!

Why choose a brand or icon like Gabriel Topman instead of large cooperations that would treat you like a number?

We all have our ways. So there is no right or wrong answer in terms of your decision to take action or no action. For that reason, we appreciate that you are interested enough to visit this website and read it.

Parasite-like people can lead to sudden death and bankruptcy. We check ourselves frequently to avoid being an accidental parasite and have done the following to discourage them:

  1. Share profits with investors instead of being in debt.
  2. Let our website remain more of a filter than a sales.
  3. Proactively check ourselves and improve gracefully.
  4. Keep videos longer than two minutes and make some short clips out of the big ones.

By reading the first paragraph and clicking on the two images at the top of this website, you will have recognized the facts echoed below:

  • This personal brand serves Forward Outlook Ltd
  • We are committed to monetized Assets
  • Future-proofing is our proactive habit.

No mix-ups

I have an unusual bump on the top right and a birthmark on the same corner of my left wrist. Serena Organtini is the mother of my children, so we are committed.


Our sustainable game of life

We serve as the agent/frontman in any area Gabriel Topman is committed to through our investments, and now I am looking for yours so that I can stay supper solvent (less debt than cash flow). Here is the list of things I am committed to delivering.

  • Being the agent that is willing to die for the cause.
  • Selling our shares, so you own us to an extent.
  • Letting you fund all the projects so that we know exactly what we spent your money on.

So, if you: want someone to do all the work, run the business and send you your share of the private equity business activity then you are in the right place.

You are in the right place because I (Gabriel Topman) am an E-business (SEO Website and process) developer that takes pride in serving as a property investment agent (soucing, negotiating, managing and paying rent to associate landlords).

  • I work with Moses, a property finder
  • Charles; a sales and direct marketing specialist
  • And anyone necessary, competent and interested.

Property investment agents like Gabriel Topman allow you to buy private equity shares while converting the money you invested into money-making assets:

  • A casino not far from high earning locals and hotels
  • Programmes that trigger local economic growth
  • Programmes that attract responsible adults

Gabriel Topman's Roles

Group Agent | Fellow Investor

Gabriel Topman and his associates have helped Forward Outlook Ltd to acquire investment properties that serve as part of the management consultancy's revenue stream. Now we are scaling by supporting others.

Gabriel Topman started (consciously) working on himself in 1998 by setting a goal and checking his progress three times a year. He heavily invested time and money in himself and drove ROI from that investment by building e-businesses that worked around his number one core value (his children).

He is known to go outside his comfort zone from time to time in order to make sure he is not caught up in ignorance or the status quo. That open-minded and explorative spirit created awareness and grace that led this agent and his employers into highly effective property investments and private equity investment strategies.

Slogan: The problems we had got resolved and made us stronger.


The need for repeat and residual income has been made clear for some time and Forward Outlook Ltd (umbrella and private equity company) was developed to address the things that were disrupting the relationships that helped those things.

Now, we have a future proof formula (yes, strategy) that Property Investment agents like Gabriel Topman can help.

Gabriel Topman is in the business of supporting others and making money from the projects or deals that someone cares enough to cooperate with.

Offering: guaranteed rent and reputation-focussed support services. Property investment agents like Gabriel Topman are perfect for areas with a high number of unemployed males aged 22+

There is no risk of losing money: Forward Outlook Ltd offers guaranteed. But that outcome is earned through results like how well we got to know you through the journey of working together.

rented house hartlepool
Gabriel Topman's web and app hosting solutions

For £££ cash flow: Our private equity business model will use these assets to drive long-term projects and relationships worth nurturing and keeping.

My Property investment strategies and management plan

  • This is all about market gaps, not competition.
  • Our own alternative to something proven
  • Creating value only difficult people and rogues can fault.

I have done everything I can to make sure when you search for me, there is no mix-up and if there is a fake or copycat effort, then the platform you are using and your agent/reps discernment skills would be responsible for a problem that I made very difficult to occur on purpose.

Right now: I am starting that journey with scrap houses to save money on the brick and cheaply gain access to suitable locations with global appeal and local value.

Scrap houses give the building a story. Yes, an experience when we reveal the past vs the present and the fact the building now contributes to the local economy and ofcause our own wealth agenda.

Hartlepool, UK

Based in Hartlepool, UK. Gabriel Topman is a personal brand of Gabriel Adebanjo who chose to differentiate himself in that way. He has two investments that his company/employer owns. 

Newcastle, Leeds and greater manchester

Since these areas are within 2 hours drive from Gabriel Topman's current location. He will support and manage property investments that fit.

rented house hartlepool

We will keep advising and supporting those who listen: We explain personally tested and proven strategies that fit that situation

Initially, we get paid: to help our clients achieve the coaching results and safeguard the critical paths to getting the results they want.

Guarantees: We only offer guaranteed rental payout and management deals to the people that are fair, considerate and reasonable. 


Public relations and sustainable influence is most certainly the game.

The fact that public relations and influencing have been mentioned here is proof that not all our clients need to be told what to do and how to do it but ideas, moral support and actual hands-on management are the motivating factors we expect them to care for.


Broken houses are problems worth solving. And right now that is the fastest way Gabriel Topman can guarantee and safeguard.

Quality assurance and safeguards will cost you nothing compared to what you will get as a result of trusting Gabriel Topman.

Great agents love getting things done. And Gabriel has gone through the trouble to find quality people that will do a better job.

Gabriel Topman is only interested in serving those who understand his positive and sustainable intentions.

He delivers value and quality with a focus on Strategy and management.

  • He loves cash flow and protects it.
  • He has 20+ years of leadership experience.
  • Not short-nosed, his priority is in the long term.

Gabriel Topman's quality assures his roles and functions with the following facts. The facts featured below are taken so seriously that saying our goal is primarily to make money and only money will be false:

Business coaching and consulting
Picture of Gabriel Bamise Topman's and his setup before before COVID19